Established 1929

Founded Upon Our Core Values

Family Business

Investing in Our People

Distinct Industries

Spanning Across 4 Key Sectors

Sustainable Operations

MJT Securities Limited plan to integrate sustainable development practices across all of our sectors. We appreciate that there are many opportunities for businesses to operate more sustainably in the industries we perform in.

Furthermore, we are keen to reduce emissions, minimise our carbon footprint and support the long-term effects on future generations. Thus, our business has begun to be reshaped to adapt to this.

Performing Responsibly

MJT Securities is committed to providing goods and services in a way that minimises environmental harm. Large parts of our company focus both around the automotive and property sectors, two areas heavily contributing to global emissions. We are conscious of concerns around; air pollution, greenhouse gases, waste material and the use of renewable energy sources.

Regarding our automotive operations, we intend to continue offering and promoting Electric and Hybrid vehicles to our consumers. As the presence of these vehicles is ever-growing, the growth rate of CO2 emissions should decline. We intend to operate our businesses as responsibly as possible.

Building for the Future

We are enthusiastic to develop a set structure in working towards our environmental goals and have a drive to constantly improve our operational performance. Developing an ESG strategy is increasingly becoming an important aspect for companies to consider, and we welcome this as an exciting opportunity to have a positive impact.

Through full disclosure transparency on all of our environmental actions, we believe MJT Securities is destined for further success as we maintain our already excellent reputation, and attract further consumers and investment.


CO2 Emissions


Source Materials


Where Possible


Excess Waste


Water Responsibly

We believe the key relationship for a company is the one with its employees. At MJT Securities Ltd., we heavily promote the message of equality and diversity in the workplace. We aim to ensure that all our policies and practices provide fair and equal treatment for all. Our key beliefs and values revolve around; respect, integrity and investing in our group of people.

These integral ideas are pushed forward to staff during their training and inductions. It is the responsibility of every member of staff to uphold the principles of the Equal Opportunities Policy. They must ensure that their personal conduct reflects the policy. We encourage a diverse and inclusive work environment, abiding by the Equality Act, 2010.

We empower our staff through the investment in our teams and facilities. This subsequently leads into our goal: Independently we share our lives together with our staff and our customers.

Our core values give us confidence that we have set our foundations strong. We believe we have the strength to enable us to attract and retain valued employees, partners and customers. These values are a staple for excellent customer satisfaction and improving customer communications with customers.

Our staff are already at the root of our strategy, and we see them as our greatest strength. We aim to continue build upon our already well developed team. We intend to retain and reward our people as we grow and become evermore successful.

We shall continue to provide regular high levels of engagement with all staff members, across all of our divisions.

Partnering and Growth

Across our divisions, we are in a promising position to take advantage of structural growth opportunities. We are also well placed to deliver profitable growth across our diverse portfolio. Moreover, with growth in our industries comes the formation of partnerships. We aim to partner with those who share our core beliefs and values.

Attending to Stakeholder's Interests

MJT Securities Limited prioritises stakeholder management. We always attend to the interests of the company’s stakeholders, including; employees, suppliers, shareholders and customers. We recognise that strong environmental and social performance, are a biproduct of strong governance.

MJT Securities Ltd. are the holding company to well-renowned businesses within the local area. We carry a positive reputation and we understand that a secure governance approach is integral to minimising reputational risk. Furthermore, it ensures loyalty from our consumers who wish to align with our core values.

We endeavour to align compensation and bonus schemes with all stakeholders’ interests. Despite recognising the importance of short-term profit, we always understand the priority to be our long-term strategies.

Why We Exist

Without our customers we cease to exist was our owner's guiding principle. This phrase is always in the forefront of our minds at MJT Securities. Customers expect great customer satisfaction, which leads into us maintaining a good reputation.

As a result of this, we strive to provide a great customer service across all of our mediums. This subsequently leads into our goal: Independently we share our lives together with our staff and our customers.

Our values are driven by these four core principles: Respect, Integrity, Partnership and Excellence. At MJT Securities, we believe our company’s values reflect our late owner, Michael John Toomey. These values are timeless. They represent a man who played a great role in shaping the organisation into what it is today.

Our Values


We are ethical, honest and transparent.


We promote a trusting, open and inclusive environment.


We work together to deliver shared goals.


We strive to attract, develop and retain the best people.

Always Improving

We strive for operational excellence. The process by which our businesses operates is under consistent and continuous improvement. We ensure that the expectations of all of our stakeholders are met to an efficient and satisfactory standard.

Our climate is rapidly evolving and the consequences of previous fossil fuel use are imminent. We at MJT Securities Limited understand the importance of both preserving our planet and treating everyone with respect. We are committed to making positive changes in both areas. Furthermore, we recognise the need to attend to the interests of all our stakeholders.

  • We strive to perform in a manner as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • MJT Securities Group is an Equal Opportunities Employer.
  • We aim to avoid Conflicts of Interests and obtain a full understanding of where conflicts may arise.