A Multifaceted Business Portfolio

MJT Securities has a robust and varied business footprint in several sectors including Export, Property, Automotive, and Leasing. Our portfolio demonstrates strength, diversity and expertise as a company across varied industries.

Our Values, Our Compass
Partnership, Integrity, Respect and Excellence are the core values of MJT Securities Group. They have served us well since our founding, in 1929, and are allowing us to grow towards a sustainable future.

Setting Us Apart

Automotive Background
Automotive Background

Our People

Our people are our greatest asset at MJT Securities. We have an expert and professional group of CEOs and Directors with vast experience in their specialised industry.

We are committed to building a diverse workforce, empowering our people to attain their full potential. We employ over 380 staff members across all divisions and ensure every employee has an opportunity to learn, develop and gain experience.

Our Family of Businesses

Working across multiple sectors to help provide solutions for clients and customers alike since 1929. MJT Securities was built on the commitment to building a brighter, better future for consumers. The foundation of all our businesses is focused around the benefit of our valued customers and stakeholders.

Laindon Holdings owns the majority of the property, which is split into Group operational properties and commercial and residential investment properties.

Toomey Motor Group is a multi-franchise operation for 9 leading volume marquee brands. We are one of Essex's most well-known Automotive Retailers and have been established for over 93 years.

George Martin carries out all of the construction work within the Group and undertakes residential development on land it has purchased.

Unit Export Limited has over 45 years of experience in the international tendering field and a proven history of successfully bidding, winning and implementing supply contracts across the globe.

With over 50 years of experience, Toomey Leasing Group is a leading fleet solutions and commercial vehicle leasing service supporting businesses across the UK.


Michael John Toomey, our founder, was a visionary. Starting in 1968 he built a company on collaboration, respect and vision.

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Environmental and Social Responsibility

The process by which our businesses operates is under consistent and continuous improvement. We ensure that the expectations of all of our stakeholders are met to an efficient and satisfactory standard.