Our Key Areas of Focus

Our future strategy is focused on four key areas that will assist us in achieving our overall organisational goals. An emphasis is placed on identifying optimal opportunities and continuing to create sustainable growth for the future. It positions MJT Securities for long-term success. It builds on our unique portfolio, strong financial position and skills, strengths and expertise of our people. Finally, it aligns with our purpose and values. These values were established to deliver why we operate the way we do and how we intend to achieve our overall goals.

Drive Operational Performance

With our diversified portfolio, it means we are in a position to capitalise on the structural growth opportunities in the different divisions we operate in. Performance is a fundamental part of our strategy. As a Group, we have continuously strived to deliver profitable growth with sustainable margins.

Working Towards Net Zero

We are making strides to incorporate sustainable development practices across all our divisions. We have started to equip our businesses to shape a more sustainable future. We are making urgent and impactful actions to assist us in making rapid progress in tackling the climate emergency.

Our People Development

Our people are our greatest asset to MJT Securities and they are the delivery of our overall strategy. It is fundamental that we continue to create an effective level of engagement with our people across all divisions. We want to continue to recruit, retain, develop and reward our people as they contribute to our overall success.

Diversify and Grow Partnerships

Collaboration is at the heart of MJT Securities. We are focused on creating and developing meaningful partnerships with partners, from across the globe, that are aligned with our values. Working with like-minded individuals and organisations, and fostering strong, lasting relationships, helps us to deliver innovative solutions and superior service to our clients and customers.

Our Group Structure

MJT Securities Limited are a family-owned parent company; supporting businesses in 4 key industry divisions.

Laindon Holdings has over 86 years of experience and owns the majority of the property, which is split into Group operational properties and commercial and residential investment properties.


Toomey Motor Group is a multi-franchise operation for 9 leading volume marquee brands. We are one of Essex's most well-known Automotive Retailers and have been established for over 93 years. Specialise in: New and Used Vehicle Sales, Aftersales Operations and Ancillary Businesses such as Petrol Filling Stations.


George Martin Limited carries out all of the construction work within the Group and undertakes residential development on land it has purchased. The key areas of focus are: Commercial investment Property Rental, Residential Invest Property Rental, Operational Property Ownership and Development, Facilities and Asset Management.


Unit Export Limited has over 45 years of experience in global export supply contracts funded by multilateral and bilateral lenders. These include the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Commission and all United Nations agencies. These contracts are awarded as a result of international tendering procedures under the donors’ specific regulations.


Toomey Leasing Group is one of the largest independent leasing companies in the UK. Toomey Leasing Group specialise in providing personal and business leasing products.

With the headquarters located in Derby, Easy Lease Direct has over 50 years experience in the industry and specialise in providing personal contract hire agreements.