Celebrating the Toomey Cup at Roots Hall
By MJT Securities

Celebrating the Toomey Cup at Roots Hall

At MJT Securities Limited, we believe that our employees are the centre of our success. Our dedication to creating a collaborative and engaging work environment was shown during the recent Toomey Cup, a football tournament hosted by our subsidiary, Toomey Motor Group. The event took place at the iconic Roots Hall, the home stadium of Southend United, with whom we proudly maintain a strong partnership.

An Unforgettable Day at Roots Hall

The Toomey Cup was more than just a football tournament; it was a celebration of teamwork and the shared enthusiasm that drives our company forward. Held at Southend Unitedís legendary Roots Hall stadium, the event brought together staff from all areas of Toomey Motor Group, including sales, marketing, service, parts, and more. The atmosphere was electric, with colleagues coming together outside the usual work environment to enjoy a day of friendly competition and team building.

Four teams, each comprising members from different departments, took to the pitch demonstrating not only their football skills but also the cooperation and unity that make Toomey Motor Group such a successful and dynamic company. The excitement of the matches was palpable, with everyone, from players to spectators, showing support and enthusiasm. The Importance of Internal Events

At MJT Securities, we recognise the immense value of such events in promoting teamwork and engagement among our employees. The Toomey Cup underscored our commitment to nurturing a well-developed and cohesive team. By bringing together staff from diverse roles and departments, the tournament fostered stronger relationships and a deeper sense of community within the company.

These events are essential to our strategy, as they provide an opportunity for employees to connect on a personal level, share experiences, and strengthen the bonds that enhance workplace collaboration and productivity. The Toomey Cup was a perfect example of how sports and recreational activities can play a crucial role in building a positive and unified company culture.

Acknowledgements and Future Events

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the Toomey Cup. Special thanks also go to Southend United for hosting us at Roots Hall and for their ongoing partnership, which continues to provide wonderful opportunities for our team.

The success of the Toomey Cup has inspired us to plan more such events in the future. We look forward to organising similar activities that will continue to bring our employees together, promote teamwork, and celebrate the unique spirit of MJT Securities and its subsidiaries.

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to fostering a culture where our employees can thrive both professionally and personally. Stay tuned for more exciting events, and once again, thank you to everyone who made the Toomey Cup a memorable day.

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