Celebrating Success with Toomey Leasing Group
By MJT Securities

Celebrating Success with Toomey Leasing Group

We are thrilled to announce that Toomey Leasing Group, a subsidiary of MJT Securities Limited, has been honoured with the 'Learning and Development Achievers' Award at the recent BVRLA Awards Dinner held in London. This remarkable achievement highlights the commitment to excellence and growth within our organisation.

The BVRLA Awards, recognising outstanding contributions to the leasing industry, saw Toomey Leasing Group receive this accolade in the presence of industry leaders and peers. We are proud to share in this success and celebrate the dedication of our subsidiary to fostering a culture of learning and professional development.

The BVRLA's emphasis on continuous learning is commendable, and we are proud to be actively participating in their diverse range of learning initiatives. Through online modules, workshops, and e-Learning platforms, Toomey Leasing Group has demonstrated dedication to investing in the growth and development of its team members.

This recognition underscores the hard work and dedication of the entire team at Toomey Leasing Group. Their relentless pursuit of excellence, acquisition of new skills, and commitment to industry knowledge enhancement have undoubtedly contributed to this well-deserved honour.

The BVRLA Awards Dinner provided an exceptional platform for networking and celebration, with representatives from 850 member companies in attendance. Beyond the accolades, it was a testament to the collective effort driving progress and innovation within the leasing industry.

As MJT Securities Limited, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the BVRLA for this recognition, as well as to Close Brothers Leasing for their invitation to the event. We also thank all those who have supported us on this journey of growth and success.

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