Unit Export Limited
By MJT Securities

Unit Export Limited's Key Sectors and Experience

Unit Export Limited are a global procurement company with over 45 years of experience supplying equipment and goods. We are experts in tendering and completing supply contracts worldwide - fulfilling projects across a variety of sectors including; automotive, agricultural, construction, health and education and security. Projects in these sectors include the delivery of waste management equipment to remote locations such as Tuvalu, and the supply of Ambulances and Health Clinics to Jamaica and Botswana.

On all accounts, the projects conducted in all of the above sectors are integral to the growth and evolution of developing countries, and their importance cannot be understated. Extensive work has enabled the development of a strong reputation amongst funding agencies - which in turn provides the opportunity to supply high-quality goods at a competitive price, whilst ensuring the deadlines are met.

Having completed over 1,500 supply contracts across more than 130 countries, Unit Export provide a unique and bespoke service to all of our clients - understanding their specific needs and the importance of how fundamental these assets are to improving wellbeing within these countries. Our dedication to these projects and our clients in evidenced through our consistent communication with our vast network of in-country representatives.

Our experience and relationships allow us to overcome challenges and facilitate successful project completion in developing countries worldwide. We are committed to providing the necessary equipment and supplies to help improve the livelihoods of those in need across the globe.

For further information the projects we have conducted, view our Case Studies page on the Unit Export Limited website.

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