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Joseph Toomey Charitable Foundation

The Joseph Toomey Charitable Foundation, established in 2020, is a charitable organisation dedicated to addressing the needs of elderly persons. Named in memory of Michael John Toomey's father, the foundation was created to fulfil his dream of assisting the elderly in the local community. To achieve this objective, Michael transferred his shareholding in MJT Securities Limited to the foundation, allowing it to receive donations and make grants for property-related purposes.

The foundation's main focus is on providing low-cost home ownership and associated services to alleviate the needs of elderly individuals. It offers a variety of grants to support the elderly community in Essex, ranging from aiding in the transition to Toomey Retirement Apartments to providing assistance with home repairs, maintenance, or replacements.

By fostering long-term relationships with grantees and the local community, the Joseph Toomey Charitable Foundation aims to continuously strengthen and expand its impact over time. Michael John Toomey's passion, dedication, and selfless nature drive the foundation's efforts to help elderly individuals in need within their community.

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Michael John Toomey, our founder, was a visionary. Starting in 1968 he built a company on collaboration, respect and vision.

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